Telepathy If Anyone Cares 

Theadora Frost

There is a Whole in me that is You.  Fly into the  flame. Kisses of the sun were sweet. The only way out is through.

Soloway is pleased to present Telepathy if Anyone Cares,  a performance by Theadora Frost with Jake Manning, Lauge Emil Læssøe and Wells Chandler. The title for this performance was adapted from an edited Instagram post made by Britney Spears. Join us at 7pm Saturday September 2nd 2023. Snag a 64 page zine featuring the work of Jake Manning and commemorative performance poster for Theadorka. Wet your whistle and indulge with a fist full of strawberry corn cake. Float down Lazy River, a concurrent solo show of works made by Jake Manning curated by Wells Chandler. The performance will start promptly at 7:30. Lazy River runs through September 3rd. 

-Text by Wells Chandler + Alice Notley, Disobedience ︎︎︎ *edited poem

Performance with Jake Manning, Wells Chandler, and Lauge Emil Læssøe

Images by Manal Abu-Shaheen  

Filmed by Hrvoje Slovenc

Video still from Jake Manning’s Labyrinth


For Full Video =) Click here: Telepathy If Anyone Cares
For more information on Lazy River ︎︎︎ Soloway Gallery


Theadora Frost


1. space under my armpit,studio 
2. platforms, 2024
3. Red Slide 1,Theadora Frost and Jake Manning, currently here

4. Home Screens, Theadora Frost and Jake Manning, 2024 
5. Alfred, ny, 2020

6. rehearsal image for Telepathy if Anyone Cares, 2023

7. plane window, ? 2022

8. microphone imprint, as rhythmn it would belong, 2023

9. recent scaffold in bk
10. video, performance with Lauge Emil Lasseo, 2023

11. Telepathy if Anyone Cares, 2023, for full information

12. r.a.t  at Living Gallery, bk, ny

13. at home tempurature system, in progress, for space under my armpit, fan, metal chair, projector