(pictured above Georgina Arroyo and Theadora Frost)

Like Morning Dew 

Purchase MFA at Ice Cream Social, Port Chester, NY 

July 2nd - August 13th 2022

(pictured above Lacey Hall, Theadora Frost and Jesse Moy)

No Wrong Moves: MFA Group Exhibition

Richard and Dolly Maass Gallery at Purchase College, NY

Decemeber 1st 2021 - Decemeber 18th 2021

Paintings To Wear

Workshop and Performance

with Project MOST and The Arts Center at Duck Creek

June 2021

(pictured above Theadora Frost and Jake Manning)

Grifter Presents: History

Family Exhibitions (Group Show), Montreal, QC

February 28 - March 28, 2020

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An Evening of Dance

at the Miller Performing Arts Center, Alfred, NY

February 20 - 22 2020


Swimming Across the Sky 

Summer Series 

Fourteen30 Contemporary, Portand, OR

July 3- 9 2018