as rhythmn it would belong part 2, ps122. Gallery,NY,NY, 2023 as rhythmn it would belong part 1, Dolly Maas Gallery, Purchase, NY, 2023

Installation with Jake Manning, Hamburg, Germany, 2023

selected paintings from History at Family Exhibitions, Montreal, Canada, 2020
Attention, included as guest artist in Alfred Dance Theatre, Alfred University, Alfred, NY, 2020

Theadora Frost


1. space under my armpit,studio 
2. platforms, 2024
3. Red Slide 1,Theadora Frost and Jake Manning, currently here

4. Home Screens, Theadora Frost and Jake Manning, 2024 
5. Alfred, ny, 2020

6. rehearsal image for Telepathy if Anyone Cares, 2023

7. plane window, ? 2022

8. microphone imprint, as rhythmn it would belong, 2023

9. recent scaffold in bk
10. video, performance with Lauge Emil Lasseo, 2023

11. Telepathy if Anyone Cares, 2023, for full information

12. r.a.t  at Living Gallery, bk, ny

13. at home tempurature system, in progress, for space under my armpit, fan, metal chair, projector